Angel's Hideaway Bed and Breakfast in Niagara Falls, ON
Angel's Hideaway Welcome to Angel's Hideaway Bed and Breakfast--your new experience, our new home. Angel's Hideaway is located in Niagara Falls prime B&B area--Simcoe street, a quiet, tree lined street, which is close to all attractions. We'll care for you almost as much as we care for nature.
To start a pleasant trip History has stamped its indelible mark on this area. The best moment on the trip is not only the trip itself, it also includes the memorable fabulous breakfast.
Beautifully You don't have to search long in Canada, to find the perfect idyllic retreat-- a place to unwind, power off the iphone, and get back in touch with nature. Tucked away in all but forgotten pretty gardens.
Beyond imagination 11 kilometres away from now where they are, can you imagine? Yes, it's true!!! The falls were in Queenston 12,000 years ago. 12 to 14 million people come to see the thundering water every summer, just saying "Wow!" Are you one of these crazy explorers?
Straight into the sky The world is a busy, stressful place. We can't change that. But we can change the way you feel when you travel. Immerse yourself in serenity as you flow effortlessly in the sky through your journey.
Romancing Niagara Falls Honeymooners come to this Honeymoon Capital in searching of romance, Soldiers from three nations have fought to control this territory, Luck hunters come and then go into the casino… Do Niagara Falls your own way, and you'll have fun!
Icewine Niagara vintages compete with the finest in the world. And the best part is that you can leisurely motor the backroads of Niagara, wending your way through orchards and vineyards from winery to winery. There's no finer way to see Niagara or to spend a summer afternoon.
On the souvenir trail The idea of bringing objects back home from the places we have been is as old as travel itself. The word "souvenir" has roots in the French verb "to remember". The souvenir is nothing without the story, A small object, but a window to a world of wonder.
Relaxing End a perfect day perfectly, and you'll find out that boring has never been so exciting. Relax into a cane chair so deeply. It seems as if there is no separation between the landscape and your skin.
Good dream and good memory Travel, ultimately, is an investment in memory. The experience is enjoyable, but it's the memories that we keep timelessly after a quiet, peaceful sleep.
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